IT'S BURGERS AND BARBIE$' SEVEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY! What a kawinkadink that this day also falls on National Pizza Day *eyeroll* ...dah well! When I started this blog in 2010, I really didn’t know where this was gona go. I wanted an outlet for my creative pursuits, and a website dedicated solely to food or fashion was just out of the question (plus, those fields were oversaturated, anyway). I mainly started this blog for fun – to combine my love for food, fashion, photography and music all into one! Who would’ve thunk that after all these years, this blog would still be a ting? Read on for a look into my journey with BURGERS AND BARBIE$.


Ok, ok, ok... so not an entirely new blog, but a whole new concept? Yes! BURGERS AND BARBIE$' s-e-v-e-n year anniversary is fast approaching and my New Year's resolution (for le blog) is to show it some love! In addition to the OG burger reviews I typically post up here, I will also incorporate singular posts about music, beauty, art, travel, exclusive BTS shots, Burger Pawty updates and more! Also, if you haven't noticed, the site also got a mini makeover... how does it lewk?!


OK SO, yesterday I did something a little crazy… I lined up for the Shake Shack x Momofuku pop up! I say “crazy,” because if any of you have paid attention to the media outlets regarding this event, you would’ve seen the INSANE line up. The one-day pop up was scheduled to run from 12:30PM-6:30PM at Momofuku Daisho. A very dedicated friend (who shall remain nameless at this point in time) and I were lucky enough to reach the line at around 11:30AM. By that time, there was a lineup approximately 150 people deep. Most people would see this line and say “AW HELL NAW,” but it’s me you’re talking about… do I even have to remind you?! Anyway, if you didn’t have a chance to scoop one of 1000 coveted ShackBurgers yesterday, you can always live vicariously through this post… or laugh at me, whatever! Either way, this post is filled with mouth-watering burger goodness. You’re welcome.