I have previously worked with GXXRLS. Creative Agency over the summer through Burger Pawty, but I didn’t actually get to meet Bianca Carreiro ‘til the actual day of our event (GXXRLS Pawty). I remember she was sweet and stylish, which is fitting, since she’s dubbed the stylist of the group over at GXXRLS.

Most recently, Bianca launched her blog,, which is probably the most unique site I have seen in a while. True to her brand, her blog is literally her own space that you can explore through “rooms” such as the Powder Room, Closet, Study, etc., discussing different topics, such as health & beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and free thought.

Connecting with local girl bosses was always something that I was passionate about, so it was a no brainer to connect collaborate with this babe! We initially were to head out to a restaurant so I could review one of their burgers, while she interviewed me for her blog, but I surprised her with a mini interview of my own, haha. It’s time to get to know That Girl, Bianca.


It was the summer of 2012, and here’s where I was at this point in my life: I was 23 and fresh out of U of T with a Specialist degree in French, I had just got out of a “serious” relationship (at least it felt so at the time), I was working at an unfulfilling, dead-end job, and overall, I felt like I had maxed out on my current situation.

Earlier in the year, I had made the decision to apply for The Odyssey Program, which is essentially paid work experience in a school setting. The job consists of being a language assistant in a francophone environment, but here’s the catch: when you apply, you won’t know where you’ll be placed until you actually got accepted for the position. Stressful, right?


When I first started the Burger Date section of my blog, I already had a list of people in my mind that I knew I wanted to interview. I frequent so many restaurants and I often wonder how the owners of these places get started. Lucky for me, my good friends at Inspire Restaurant allowed me to sit and chat about how this Markham gem came to be! Lucky for you, you get in on the scoop, as well! Let me take you into the minds of Vanessa Chung and Evelyn Wong of Inspire Restaurant.