The first time I met Jhoanna was yeeeears ago through my friend, Jay. She was this pretty, bubbly and stylish lady who was super nice from day one. I'd see her occasionally, but never really got the chance to actually sit and have a good talk. Years pass by and the only real connection we had was through social media (hello 2017! lol). Through the screen, I have been able to follow her journey: from her engagement to her pregnancy, to her announcement of the birth of her baby girl, to her newest project - her blog.
Jhoanna Flowers is not your regular mom blog - it's a cool mom blog. Photography is done by her hubby, the posts are genuine and relevant, and she alwayssssss dresses so well. What better way to celebrate her newest venture than with an interview over some burgers. Without further ado, let's get to know That Girl, Jhoanna.


I have previously worked with GXXRLS. Creative Agency over the summer through Burger Pawty, but I didn’t actually get to meet Bianca Carreiro ‘til the actual day of our event (GXXRLS Pawty). I remember she was sweet and stylish, which is fitting, since she’s dubbed the stylist of the group over at GXXRLS.

Most recently, Bianca launched her blog,, which is probably the most unique site I have seen in a while. True to her brand, her blog is literally her own space that you can explore through “rooms” such as the Powder Room, Closet, Study, etc., discussing different topics, such as health & beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and free thought.

Connecting with local girl bosses was always something that I was passionate about, so it was a no brainer to connect collaborate with this babe! We initially were to head out to a restaurant so I could review one of their burgers, while she interviewed me for her blog, but I surprised her with a mini interview of my own, haha. It’s time to get to know That Girl, Bianca.