It’s been a crazy few months, but I finally got the chance to post about my visit to Joe Bird for the most recent installment of Burger Date! This lakeside gem offers a range of menu items that are sure to satisfy your hunger – whether or not you’re in the mood for chicken! In fact, they don’t even have a BURGER on their menu, but I decided to make my way over here after drooling over their insty pics for quite some time. Read more for my interview with one of the owners, Taylor Borg, as well as my first ever chicken sandwich review! p.s. Give it up one more time for the homie, Matt for putting the following videos together... great work, as always!  



Ok so tbh I had no idea what to expect when it came to the Bird Sandwich because 1: I felt guilty having this Burger Date *without* burgers (it’s kinda the point), and 2: I’m not even a huge fan of sandwiches (and no – a burger is NOT a sandwich... I wouldn’t even put them in the same category). To my surprise, the Bird Sandwich was awwwwlllll that and a bag of chips, with all of its ingredients complementing each other so, so well. This sandwich consists of fried (or grilled) chicken, pickles, slaw, tomatoes, cheese, Boston lettuce and garlic mayo. If you’re thinking that this is your average chicken sandwich, you’re definitely in for a treat! The chicken was so tender and flavourful, and the toppings added that much needed freshness to balance the fried chicken.

If you had a chance to look at their menu, you’ll see that Joe Bird has something for everyone – and yes, that includes veggie and gluten free options! For you early birds out there, they also serve brunch. If you’re a night owl, they’ve got a late night menu for that! Got a sweet tooth? They’ve got The Fix for that – with the drinks to match!

As I mentioned, I felt like I was cheating on my darling burgers by doing this post, but at the end of the day, the Bird Sandwich has definitely proved itself to be a contender. It also doesn’t hurt getting to interview one of the faces behind the restaurant in the process! For A1 hospitality, a super diverse menu and for a delicious chicken sandwich, I give Joe Bird 4 stilettos!

'Til the next Burger Date,