I have previously worked with GXXRLS. Creative Agency over the summer through Burger Pawty, but I didn’t actually get to meet Bianca Carreiro ‘til the actual day of our event (GXXRLS Pawty). I remember she was sweet and stylish, which is fitting, since she’s dubbed the stylist of the group over at GXXRLS.

Most recently, Bianca launched her blog,, which is probably the most unique site I have seen in a while. True to her brand, her blog is literally her own space that you can explore through “rooms” such as the Powder Room, Closet, Study, etc., discussing different topics, such as health & beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and free thought.

Connecting with local girl bosses was always something that I was passionate about, so it was a no brainer to connect collaborate with this babe! We initially were to head out to a restaurant so I could review one of their burgers, while she interviewed me for her blog, but I surprised her with a mini interview of my own, haha. It’s time to get to know That Girl, Bianca.

  (PART I)

Member of GXXRLS. Creative Agency & Founder of

♥ started blogging because she felt like she was losing touch of her creative side
♥ Saggitarius
♥ has anxiety, but lives with it
♥ loves food
♥ favourite getaway vacay spot: San Miguel, Azores

Burgers are my guilty pleasure. I don’t have a favourite burger, but I like more artisan burgers. One time I had this lamb burger that had parm and mushrooms on it.
(Side note: Bianca loves her some bougie burgers!)

My vagina.

I like to approach what I do with honesty and integrity. The fashion and beauty world can be superficial and it’s ok to like all of it, if you remember who you are.

We should remember that we have so much power within us and we can really achieve miraculous things if we’ve already achieved so much in society. So we need to remember to keep pushing.

Thanks to Bianca for not freaking out when I sprung a surprise interview on her, and also for being so dope and agreeing to this! Don’t forget to check out her blog for her interview on me, as well. And while you’re there, peep her other stuff, too!



Any BURGERS AND BARBIE$ interview wouldn’t feel complete without having it over some dope burgers. When it came to choosing a spot that would tie mine and Bianca’s aesthetic together, I immediately thought of Planta, due to the restaurant’s clean and beautiful interiors and its unique approach to plant-based cuisine.

The Planta Burger: fully loaded with queso, mushroom bacon, pickles, tomatillo ketchup

See, I debated posting this review for one main reason – we had a horrible experience there. But it wouldn’t be fair to only post good reviews on my blog, now would it?! Anyway, let me set the scene for you: it was a Friday evening and Bianca and I were dining alongside my favourite photographer, JC. Bianca and I decided to stay on brand and order the Planta Burger, while JC orders The Bianca pizza. A few bites later, things start to go downhill, and fast.

The infamous menus

JC starts to feel an allergic reaction coming on, but is confused, since the item she ordered did not list peanuts and/or nuts in the ingredients (she makes sure to do this, since she is HIGHLY allergic to them). I flag down the first server who makes eye contact with me and ask her if there are any nuts on the pizza, and she says no, but I ask her to double check, since JC is most definitely having an allergic reaction to something. She does, and comes back only to confirm that there are in fact cashews present on her dish (in the cashew mozzarella – that was not indicated anywhere on the menu at that point). Panicked, JC left to the nearest drugstore, while Bianca and I tried to sort this whole thing out. The server we are speaking to mentions that our first server would have asked the table if there were any allergies, but unfortunately, she did not. The Ops Manager comes by our table and profusely apologizes and hands me his contact info to keep him posted. I try to get a hold of JC, but I’m unable to, so we let him know we have to leave and he graciously takes care of our bill.

p.s. the burger comes with a side of spiced fries

We finally meet up with JC and are relieved to know that she had taken some Benadryl to cool her reaction down, but we’re still in shock, knowing that something as serious as peanuts or nuts was not indicated on the menu or online (at this time – FYI their website has been updated as of September 11th to reflect this change), and we just wanted to see a change happen here, so that this situation doesn’t happen to anyone else. Needless to say, we all got lucky in this situation.

Anyway, I followed up with the Ops Manager via email when I got home, only to get a reply from the GM next morning, not really taking ownership of the situation. The GM wrote back saying that the menu indicated that there was cashew mozzarella on The Bianca pizza (fun fact: it did not, and I have photo evidence of it not being there, which I emailed back to him, but I’m still waiting on a reply from that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).

But what about the food, you ask? Well, at the end of it all, I was only able to have less than half the burger, but that was enough for me to have a good taste of it. Truth is, the patty is pretty bland and starchy and is difficult to differentiate from the bun. It was also quite messy to deal with – even with the burger coming to you already cut in half. Its only saving grace was the side of spiced fries and the super delicious dip it came with!

All in all, my experience with Planta was a nightmare, which is a shame, since I’ve only heard good things about this restaurant and its affiliated restaurants, under Chase Hospitality Group. I hate dumping on establishments, but I feel like something needs to be said when it’s warranted. The servers weren’t knowledgeable, the menu lacked vital information, the food quality doesn’t add up to its value (and we didn’t even pay for this meal) and dealing with upper management proves to be a hopeless case. Here goes my first ever 1 stiletto rating.

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