Long time, no post... but what else is new?! #sorrynotsorry for the lack of updates since the last entry (which happened to be the blog's anniversary post back in February btw), but so, so much has happened between then and now that it was very hard to sneak in a burger review into the routine. But hey, I'm finally here with a post for Doomie's, shot by my favourite photographer, JC ♥ I first came across Doomie's through a friend's insty post, showcasing the restaurant's infamous Vegan Mac Daddy (aka the vegan version of McDonald's Big Mac), which actually doesn't appear on the menu due to copyright issues (or so I've been told). My curiosity had to be satisfied and at last the day had come that the Vegan Mac Daddy would be mine!

  and you want bad, bad, bad when I treat you right


le menu - which unfortunately is only available IRL

busy bee

apparently, they don't make friends

all of the lights


(after quite a wait) IT'S FINALLY HERE! The Vegan Mac Daddy with a side of garlic fries

oh daddi, you're makin me blush

(close up)

about to dig in...

p.s. this is the cutest washroom evurrrr

it's ok to be vain sometimes, non?

your choice!

Ok, so before I lose all the meatatarians to this blog post, just an FYI - I haven't crossed over to the "dark side." I've had my fair share of vegan/veggie burgers in my past, so I wasn't too intimidated at the thought of trying the Vegan Mac Daddy. I've also heard from a few of my friends (vegans and non-vegans alike) that this burger was super delicious and almost identical to its inspiration, The Big Mac. JC is a huge fan of Doomie's, so after shooting for her photography project, we decided to head on down for some green eats! I knew for a fact that I was going to order the Vegan Big Mac, but I decided to add a side of garlic fries just 'cause, and let me tell you... I was NOT sorry. In fact, I would even go to Doomie's for the garlic fries alone! But let me drill down to the real reason I was here: the burger. As you can see in the photos above, the Vegan Mac Daddy pretty much mirrors the Big Mac in appearance: a double-stacked burger, topped with cheese, lettuce, a secret sauce and a sesame-seed bun... only thing is the Vegan Mac Daddy is huge in proportion - almost as big as my head! I was only able to finish a bit more than half of my meal. But how did it taste? I must admit that although delicious, it didn't exactly have the signature "Big Mac" flavour I was expecting. Sure, the flavours were bold, but I feel like it was still lacking a little something. The burger was also a bit messy to eat, but most burgers are, anyway. One major drawback that I have to note was that the service was kind of slow. The staff was amazing, but it took over half an hour for my food to arrive, and the place wasn't at capacity yet. The good thing is, if you're vegan, vegetarian or even just want to try something different, Doomie's is definitely an option. In addition to burgers, they have other vegan options, such as fried mac and cheese balls, a "pulled pork" sandwich and those yummy fries, to name a few. That, and cocktails. For a unique dining experience and a fun and quirky meat-alternative restaurant, I give Doomie's a 3.5-stiletto rating.