I can't name a person who isn't the slightest bit obsessed with October's Very Own, Drake... so when I found out that he was teaming up with one of my favourite chefs, Susur Lee, to open up Fring's, I was crazy excited! What sent me over the moon was seeing "The Susur Burger" on the menu... like, come on! This place was just calling my name! As soon as I found out this restaurant was open to the public, Fring's shot straight to #1 on my priority list. I have never been so eager to eat a burger before. How did Fring's fare in the world of burgers? Wouldn't you like to know...



It's all in the details

Me thinking about how happy this burger is gona make me


Cheddar cheese, caramelized onion, lettuce, tomato and a side of J.K. Frites (who, by the way, supplied the fries for Burger Pawty II)


Ok - DND while I devour this

Just so you know

Anyone that knows me well knows that Lee is arguably one of my favourite restaurants, ever... so when Fring's came into fruition, it was only natural that I would go and check it out. As soon as I scrolled through the menu and saw "The Susur Burger," I was determined to try it. Some burger joints sit on my "go-to" list for quite some time, but no - not Fring's. I called up JC (who is now the official BB photographer), and sure enough, the week later, we were sitting at a cozy, romantically-lit table at the establishment. We started off by sharing the Wild Mushroom and Prosciutto toast (which, by the way, was uber delicious), and shortly after wolfing that down, our mains headed our way. JC ordered the 8oz New York Strip Loin with a side of truffle fries (52$ btw), and although I can't speak on how it tasted, it sure looks yummy. Now for the moment of truth - how was that burger? If I can be quite honest, although I love Mr. Lee and his food, I really wasn't expecting to taste what I did when I took that first bite into the burger, but boy was I surprised. In addition to the worldly flavours Susur Lee has perfected, it's safe to say, one can add burgers to that list. This melt-in-your-mouth burger was worth all 20$ of its existence. The best way I can describe The Susur Burger is silky. Trust me - once you try it, you'll get what I mean. Although quite pricy, the burger does come with a side of fries - J.K. Frites to be exact - and if you've ever tried them before, you know you're in for a treat! Although they didn't taste as delicious as they did when they were served at Burger Pawty, I still quite enjoyed them. To top it all off, the presentation was classy and clean. My one issue: the burger was quite delicate and fell apart halfway through eating my meal... I even ended up eating it with a knife and fork! For an unforgettable burger and a unique ambiance (see: furry chairs), I give Fring's 4.5 stilettos. This place is truly special.

k bye!