Way before all this Burger Pawty hype took place, I had a really unique and special opportunity come my way via Twitter. I was on my way back from my lunch break at work, when I checked my account and noticed I had a new notification. Since I don’t use my Twitter account too heavily, I was curious to see what it was. If you can take a hint from the photo above, you can probably guess that it has something to do with everyone’s favourite fast food restaurant. SPOILER ALERT: it was a #CERTIFIEDMIGHTY experience!

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I got this tweet from McDonald’s Canada. It's needless to say that I'm quite a fan, so I must admit, I geeked out pretty crazy when I saw it... so obvz I had to reply back:

This could not have come at a more crazy time in my life: I was leaving for a 4-day camping trip the next day, I had a softball game the Monday of my return, and I was heading to Vancouver for a week, the next day after that! If that wasn’t crazy enough—Jessica and I were still in the midst of planning our Burger Pawty... how was I going to fit this in? Something had to give, and I (sadly) decided to nix softball out of the picture. I mean, how could I say no to this very special event?

After dreaming about it all weekend, the day had finally come! I headed to the McDonald’s Head Office with my boyfriend (slash makeshift photographer for the day) on this rainy Monday evening for the Mighty Angus™ Open Kitchen Flavour Session. We were immediately greeted by a smiling concierge, who opened the door to every foodies’ dream come true.

We checked into the front desk, which was situated in of the office’s own McDonald’s store, and were greeted by the lovely Rachel! She gave us a tour and a breakdown of the night’s events... we were even going to go behind the scenes to see how this beauty is made! The new Mighty Angus™ is the first new premium burger McDonald’s has added to the permanent menu since 2012.

After scoping out venue, grabbing some drinks and taking as many photos as we possibly could, it was finally time for our tour! Are you curious as to how the Mighty Angus™ is made? Well wonder no more... ps. We had the option of assembling the burger ourselves, but I wanted the real deal in all its glory. Here goes!

The burger is made with a third pound 100% Angus patty (before cooking), which is proudly sourced from Canadian farms.

FUN FACT: McDonald’s has renewed its grilling procedures to ensure that each and every burger is cooked to perfection.

This patty is then topped off with McDonald’s very own Smoky Angus aioli, hickory smoked bacon pieces, a crisp lettuce leaf, a tomato slice, processed cheddar cheese and grilled onions. All of this is placed atop of a sesame and poppy seed bun, which has been compared to challah bread... super delicious!

Oh, and this is Melissa: she’s the creative genius behind the Mighty Angus™... now you know who to thank!

After all the excitement, we took a seat at the end of the wonderfully decorated picnic table, where our meal of burger and fries was to be delivered to us.




To top it all off, we got to leave with some goodies—tucked into this super cute French fry bag!

From start to finish, this event had me in awe. Being a huge burger fan myself, this opportunity was more than I could’ve asked for. How many people can say that they have eaten a burger at the McDonald’s Head Office?! The hospitality was 20/10 (no typo here), and it was fun meeting all the different people from that night—from bloggers, to executives, to representatives from Canadian farms, and more! The atmosphere was fun and informative... they even opened up the floor for some Q&A about the burger and the company in general, which made us feel like our opinion actually mattered!

Butttt... how was the burger? After learning about the back story of Mighty Angus™ and seeing it assembled, I was even more eager to finally see and taste the final product! The verdict? Deeeeeeeelicious! The meat was tender, juicy and flavourful, and the toppings were just the right combination for the burger. In addition to that, the bread—one of the most important components of a burger, in my opinion—was nothing short of tasty! Over all, one of the best burgers I have tried to date! We were also given a coupon for a *free* Mighty Angus™ to enjoy whenever we want... how lucky of us! For a #CERTIFIEDMIGHTY experience... 4.5 stilettos!

FOOTNOTE: Special thank you goes out to Rachel from Weber Shandwick for this once in a lifetime opportunity, as well as to Sharon from McDonald’s Canada for the generous gift of Big Mac coupons to distribute at my Burger Pawty! Hope to someday cross paths again ☺