It's been a very hot (er, cold) minute, but I am back, and just in time for BURGERS AND BARBIE$' FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Can you believe it? Five entire years have come and gone—that's over sixty burgers and forty burger buddies in three countries and in countless cities. I could not think of a better place to celebrate this milestone other than at my friend Carlton's restaurant, Inspire. Located in the heart of Main St Markham, I couldn't help but come back to my hometown to blog about Inspire's burgers. This restaurant only opened last summer, but the buzz this place has received is incredible... and it's undeniable that they merit it. Not only do they serve up a delicious burger (or two), but it's also hard to ignore the other gems this place has to offer. Come with me as I try an old faithful, as well as a new addition to the Inspire family.
Photographed by Ram Accoumeh, of course!
OH YEAH, I'm a brunette again :$

Wilfred sweater, F21 skirt, TNA varsity jacket, Talula Babaton faux fur stole, Zara clutch and boots

Move my body, do it right, left, right, side to side


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Reverse BB&J

Ram & Rob


Diver Scallops: sweet pea purée, crispy garlic and pickled Thai chilis

Duck Tacos: duck confit, cucumber orange salsa, cilantro fennel aioli, served on a flour tortilla

Hawaiian Ahi Poke: Ahi tuna cubes, marinated in chili sesame soy, green onions and crispy shallots, served with semolina crisps

Udon Carbonara: spicy chorizo, braised beef and honey mushrooms in a creamy white wine reduction, topped with a quail egg

Pulled Pork Frites: time-honoured braised pulled pork, sweet shallot aioli and hand cut Yukon Gold potato fries

Dave and Carlton, hard at work

Patties and Buns

The infamous...

The INSP Burger: grade prime beef, seared pork belly, fried egg, roasted Tomango Mayo Spread on a sweet brioche bun

The Grilled Kim-Cheese INSP Burger: grade prime beef, crispy kim-chi, grilled aged cheddar, topped with spring greens


(Belated) Birthday Boy, featuring the
Ginger "Mac" Wich: homemade macaron, with a ginger coconut custard.......... and candle :)

Make a wish...

Now, I've probably eaten at this restaurant over five times already. The food here is to. die. for. ...and I'm not even being biased! Every single person I have brought here has enjoyed their experience at Inspire—from the food, to the atmosphere, to the decor (some of which Carlton hand-made himself), to the service (Hi, Vanessa!), and the music. Every single detail is impeccable. Now, let's get down to business: how did their burgers stack up to the competition? You know, at first, I was weary of trying their burgers. I knew their food was good, but burgers weren't something they specialized in, so for the first three times, I held off on trying it at all. I was not until recently that I actually gave it a try, and boy did they prove me wrong! Their INSP Burger combines a lot of rich ingredients that actually merry well together in one bite. I'm not usually a fan of pork belly, but this burger definitely changed my opinion on that! For those of you who cannot eat or do not like to eat pork, I've got great news for you! As mentioned earlier, Inspire has a BRAND SPANKIN' NEW burger that I got to try first: The Grilled Kim-Cheese INSP Burger. So for those of you who know, I'm not the biggest cheese fan in the world, but it definitely has grown on me over the years (thanks to the many burgers I've eaten), so I feel like I can't even use that as an excuse anymore. But this burger........... blew my mind. The flavours and textures are just so surprisingly delicious. My friends actually preferred this burger to the original INSP burger. I think you've got a new contender here, Inspire! Kudos! For all the great things this restaurant has to offer, I give Inspire 4.5 stilettos, yippee!

I've eaten burgers in every weather, at every time of the day and with every person I've ever truly found a friend in. I know I don't update this thing as much as I'd like to, but the love is still here ♥ I love burgers because they are something everyone can relate to. It's such a simple pleasure in life, and that's why I like it. To many more burgers!