Wow, this past month has been a whirlwind! I cannot believe how fast the time has gone. Needless to say, I have a lot of blogging to catch up on. Although Burger Week was weeks ago, of course I'd still want to share the rest of my experiences with you. Here goes! One one Saturday afternoon, after the 5K Color Me Rad run, I urged my coworkers to join me in trying out the burgers at The Beet Organic Cafe. Known for its vegan options, one would not immediately think of eating this after a 5K run, but if you keep reading, this place just might surprise you, as it did some of us...

  No outfit, just hair ♥

But do they not know is that I'm not like the others

Ain't it cute?

Proud participants

Although the interior was adorable, we had to take advantage of the lovely summer weather. See below.

Their $5 Burger Week special:
A vegan quinoa, mushroom, and walnut burger with daiya cheese, cucumber, arugula, and vegan mayo on a kamut bun... with a side of potato wedges! OHHHH and their delicious green smoothie mmmmmm...

So ready for this burger after that run

Well deserved, I must say.

As listed on the Burger Week website, The Beet Organic Cafe specializes in "healthy organic meals, juices, and smoothies that cater to vegans, vegetarians, and carnivores, with gluten-free options." Now, I myself love, love, love meat (pause), so people find it surprising that I would even be interested in a burger like this. Well, if you recall my post from Fresh, this wouldn't be my first time trying a vegan burger (for my blog, of course). Like the burgers from Fresh, there is so much more to this burger than wannabe meat, that you almost don't even miss the neat itself (thanks to the quinoa, mushroom and walnut mix). At first, one of my coworkers was apprehensive about trying this burger (*ahem* Erica), but after devouring our plates, even she was singing the praises of this delicious treat! To be honest, the description itself was what got me, but it was even better sinking my teeth into this burger, and having it taste exactly how I had imagined it, if not better. For a tasty and healthy burger, I give The Beet Organic Cafe 4 stilettos!