After months of promising to get together, I finallllllly got to meet up with my dear friend, Rami. He's a super talented dude, and there was no doubt in my mind I wanted him to shoot a burger outing with me. About this time last year, we talked about where we could possibly go for a burger run, and without hesitation, he suggested we go to The Burgernator. Now, this wasn't the fist time I've been suggested to go here to rate their burgers, in fact, a few of my friends have told me that their burgers were incredible. Since we both had a day off (which is extremely rare), we decided to hit Kensington Market to take my Burgernator virginity...

La Notte tee, Zara skirt, heels and clutch, H&M necklace and jacket (not pictured), copper ring from a mine in Val-d'Or

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First bite

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Now, although The Burgernator has a list of mouth-watering burger creations on their menu, I of course had to try one of their classic burgers. I opted for the "Seargeant Burger," which consists of an all beef patty, Burgernator sauce, lettuce, tomato and pickles. I must admit that looking at the final product in the tray sorta had me underwhelmed, but boy, was I in for a treat! I still remember that first bite... classic and simple, yet very, very flavourful. I was taken aback by how much of an effect that one bite had on my tastebuds! This was a burger I was gona finish, and fast! What I also enjoyed about The Burgernator was the atmosphere. As I've mentioned time and time again, I love themed burger joints, and The Burgernator definitely pulled off that military theme to a tee. The Burgernator also has really great service, which I cannot stress enough, is very important in my books. What's also great about this burger joint is that they have vegetarian options for those with dietary and/or religious restrictions. All in all, I'd rate The Burgernator as one of my top "Go-To" burger joints, because they serve a mean burger, have great service and have something for everybody, no matter what your burger style is. 4.5 stilettos!