This Toronto weather's been all over the place recently... which made me really, really miss the nice summer weather... and burgers, of course! A few months ago, I checked out Big Moe's Burgers at its Kennedy & Steeles location with my friend Megan and her boyfriend, Juan (who took the photos for this burger run). I've been to Big Moe's a few times, since it's one of the better burger places around where I live, and although it hasn't been open for too long (~2 to 3 years or so), it's definitely made a name for itself in the Scarborough/Markham area thus far. How did its famous "Juicy Lucy" stack up against its competitors? We'll see...

Thrifted sequin top, Denim & Supply shorts, F21 boots, H&M fringe purse

We’ve taken this too far, but let me play the part where you should’ve stayed put

Order up

Home of the brave

Hey lady

What my purse is really used for

Nails: Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

Fries Aside

Juicy Lucy

At last...

And so it begins

Say cheese!
p.s. Their signature Juicy Lucy burger patty is made with halal meat, and is stuffed with cheddar cheese... any cheese lover's dream!

As I mentioned earlier, I've been to Big Moe's a few times before. The very time I visited, I was floored—the burger was indeed juicy, I ordered their tornado fries (which were perfectly seasoned, by the way), and the service was top notch. After that time, if anyone were to ask me which burger joint in Scarborough/Markham I would recommend, I wouldn't hesitate to mention Big Moe's. This time around, though, was a different story: the staff was unenthusiastic, the service was very, very slow, and over all, the burger was just not as I had remembered it to be. Not only did it take approxiately 20 minutes for our orders to be ready (keep in mind they put all three burgers on the grill at the same time), but when we took a bite into the burger, we all agreed that it was nothing too special. I do understand that in order to properly cook the thick patty with the cheese inside throughly, it would take a bit longer than usual, but I don't ever remember it taking this long for my order to come up before! Other things to note are that it's mainly a takeout burger joint, therefore the seating is very limited (we chose to sit outside), and this place is cash only, and on the day we went, the ATM offered inside was out of service... bummer! Also, the website offered on their Facebook page seems to be out of service, too. On the plus side, Big Moe's does use use halal meat, so if that were ever a dietary restriction for you, then this is one of the better options out there in terms of burgers. Also, they serve funnel cakes all year round, and since besides burgers, sugar is the only other way to my heart, that is another point for Big Moe's. Over all, I give Big Moe's 3 stilettos.