One of the perks of working for the Odyssey Program was the opportunity to explore the beautiful province of Québec. Our last meeting session in April was in Vieux-Québec, and we were blessed with beautiful weather and delicious food! On a Friday night, we were contemplating on which restaurant to go to for dinner, and lo and behold, there was a burger restaurant not too far from our hotel: Les Trois Garçons Bistro Burger. Let's see how burger #1 for the weekend measured up!  

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He'll probably come around soon as I settle down, that's the motion

Yes please

Received our menu en anglais though -_____-

The original it is!

Traces of my lipstick

Fancy etched bottles give it a nice touch

Hamburgers and fries, cut from potatoes straight from L'Île d'Orléans

L'Original Trois Garçons: A classic 6 oz. burger, made with freshly ground meat, atop a bakery fresh bun from the local Café-boulangerie Paillard, garnished with caramelized onions, Perron cheddar and an in-house made mayonnaise.


Moi et mon 'tit hamburger

The three things I like most about Les Trois Garçons is the ambiance, their use of local products and their interactive website. This vision—which was brought together by these trois garçons, Hamel, Gauthier and Letellier—boasts food and an atmosphere "halfway between Paris and New York, while offering [their] guests a wide selection of products from right here in Quebec." Not only are the surroundings pleasing to the eye, but so is their food. Les Trois Garçons Bristro Burger pays a high attention to detail, which sets them apart from other burger restaurants that I've been to. The only thing I would have to say is that my burger was just a little on the dry side, probably due to the fact that the bun-to-patty ratio was not ideal. Also, for the size of the burger, you are paying quite a bit (12,50$ for my meal—not including beverages), but as I always say, quality over quantity, right? Plus, the fries and mayonnaise were delicious! For a lovely atmosphere and yummy food, I give Les Trois Garçons Bristro Burger 3.5 stilettos. Bon travail!