Burger #2 in QC comes from Le Chic Shack (NOT to be mistaken for the infamous Shake Shack, which I have yet to try!), also in Vieux-Québec. This little burger joint sits on the corner of rue du Fort and is really hard to miss with its bright magenta sign and lovely windows. Upon visiting L'Aquarium du Québec, me and my friend Emily were looking to grab a bite, and how could I possibly say no to a burger?  

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You can tell by the swagga and the lips

The bilingual Low Down



Kitchen Crew

Mason jar lighting


What I ordered

The lovely interior

Le Chic Burger: A tasty beef patty, served atop a fresh brioche bun (created by local artisan baker Éric Borderon), garnished with local cheddar, house pickles, bibb lettuce, tomato, Chic Sauce and maple-smoked bacon.

I also ordered a side of their homemade seasoned chips and their housemade green apple soda... yum!


The view of Vieux-Québec


This was not actually the first time I have tried the burgers at Le Chic Shack. In fact, the last time I was in QC for a training session in November, I had gone here with my friend Jaidin. Jaidin is special because she cannot eat a lot of the things that most people can, due to the fact that she has many food allergies: gluten, dairy, eggs and peanuts. What drew us into this restaurant in the first place was the fact that they offer gluten-free buns! We were both in for a pleasant surprise. Both times I had been here, I ordered Le Chic burger, and both times, I fell in love. I fell so hard, that when we found out we were going to QC again for a feedback session for our program, Le Chic Shack was #1 on my list of things to do and places to go. I've been dreaming about this burger since the first time I bit into it. This burger is perfection... I love every aspect of it: from the patty, to their choice of lettuce, the tomato, the cheese (YES, even the cheese), to the sauce, right down to the bun... The bun, in my opinion, played a huge part in the flawless composition of this burger. To add to that, Le Chic Shack boasts a uniquely designed interior that'll leave you in awe. Just be prepared to fork up a pretty penny at this place (11$ for the burger alone), but I PROMISE you'll fall in love, too. 5 STILETTO PERFECTION. Merveilleux!