This past Easter long weekend was a hell of a good time! As some of you may or may not know, I've been away in Val-d'Or since last August (since returned), and one of my best friends, Derik, has been training for the army since last October. Since my friends and I have all been living in different parts of the country, we've all really missed each other, so we decided to reunite at the halfway point between my home and my new home—Montréal. Unfortunately, everyone's schedules didn't really line up the first night, so my bestest burger buddy, Jessica, and my cousin, Gabe, were the first ones to meet up with me in my favourite city of Québec! Since the three of us are big foodies, we had quite a lineup of restaurants that night, but one place I knew I had to make time for was m:brgr. M:brgr had first caught my attention back in 2011, when they opened a location on King St. W in Toronto, but since had to close its doors due to stiff competition. Now I finally had the chance to experience what Toronto's been missing...  

F21 coat, vintage necklace, thrifted dress and Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots

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The beautiful dining area

You can view their menu and much more here.

...Though I really didn't need it, since I ordered the evening special!

The finished product, with a side of sweet potato fries, yummmmmm

For those of you who aren't familiar with French at all, this burger consists of a patty made from AAA beef, brie cheese and grilled onions and portabello mushrooms

Featuring Melody Ehsani nail wraps

...and my lovely burger buddy HEPICA <3 eating a very québécois delicacy, poutine

...and finally, my very camera shy cousin, Gabe, also indulging in a burger!

The very last bite!!

So, has Toronto been missing out on some québécois flavour, sans m:brgr? I truly believe that m:brgr's decision to say au revoir to this great city was a sad, yet understandable choice. At the time, the Entertainment District in and around King St. W was stacked with burger joints, such as Big Smoke (formerly Craft Burger), Gourmet Burger Co., BQM Diner, Burger Brats and (the now defunct) Grindhouse Burger Bar. For m:brgr to pop up in the big city already flooded with burger joints to last an eternity and then some, proved to be a challenge in itself. Add to that pretty hefty prices for hamburgers, especially their $100 BRGR (or 100$, en français haha), and you've got a recipe for désastre. Torontonians just weren't ready to fork up a pretty penny for a burger, when they had other cheaper and equally as delicious options right around the corner. But the question still remains: what did I think? Personally, I loved it, and no, it wasn't simply due to the fact that I was in one of my favourite cities. We walked in the door, into this modern and artistic restaurant, with a bar area to the right. This lively, yet dimly lit restaurant set the mood for a fun Friday night, blasting the perfect mix of chill hip hop and indie music. Although the prices were a bit high for a burger restaurant, they did have many unique options that the average burger joint would not, and I think some people would appreciate that. I ordered the burger special for the evening, which stood at $15.50 on its own. This made to order AAA beef patty sits on a fluffy, lightly grilled bun, and is topped with the signature toppings for the evening: brie cheese and grilled onions and portabello mushrooms. Although I'm not too big on cheese and/or mushrooms, the combination of these ingredients marry well, with just enough crunch and flavour in each bite. I had also tried a bit of Jessica's monstrous poutine and it didn't disappoint, neither. The great thing about m:brgr is that it attracts different types of crowds: young and old, hipsters, business people and tourists alike haha. What I mean to say is that it's a restaurant that just about anybody can enjoy. So, if you ever find yourself in Montréal and are looking burgers at a fun, cool restaurant to lounge with your friends, I definitely suggest checking out m:brgr. 4 stilettos.