It was a chilly winter day in Toronto when me and my friend Alyssa set out for Gangster Burger. This burger joint opened up not too long ago, but has already created a big buzz amongst Torontonians, creating a name for itself amongst many other burger restaurants. Unfortunately, when Gangster Burger opened, I was not living in the city, and with photos popping up via social media, I knew it was something I definitely had to try when I returned! And finally...

  H&M corset, F21 maxi skirt, ALDO necklace, Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots, Marc by Marc Jacobs Too Hot To Handle purse

Catching feelings, never stumble, retracing my steps

Wall of Fame

Paper only $$$



Escobar x Dillinger


THE ESCOBAR: 6 oz beef patty layered with a slice of mild cheddar, crushed seasoned tortilla, jalapeño ranch and finished with lettuce and tomato.

About to go in...

...and so is Alyssa!

THE DILLINGER: 6 oz beef patty layered with dill havarti, caramelized onions, chipotle mayo, Gangster Goo (spicy ketchup), bacon and finished with lettuce and tomato.

Half gone Escobar

Inside looking out

As I mentioned before, pictures were popping up all over my social media outlets, raving about Gangster Burger, but having eaten as many burgers and me over the past three years, I really wanted to see (or taste, rather) for myself what everybody was talking about. Since GB doesn't have a signature burger, nor a plain burger, I asked what their most popular burger was. The Dillinger is their most popular burger, but since I'm such a baby when it comes to spice (the "Gangster Goo" is simply a spicy ketchup sauce), I opted for the Escobar instead. Though I am not a huge fan of cheese (I'm working on it!!!), I must admit, the cheddar in this burger worked very well, especially with the crushed tortilla bits. This burger had a little kick to it, though, with the jalapeño ranch sauce, but it wasn't unbearably spicy (thank God). Me and Alyssa switched burgers for a bit, and I must admit that even though the Dillinger is their most popular burger, and quite delicious at that, I much prefer the Escobar: it's simple, yet well thought-out, and delectable all at the same time. Drawbacks of Gangster Burger: a) no seating and b) cold service. Much like The Burger's Priest, these burgers are meant to order out. They do, though, have a little section to eat, but no seating. Me and Alyssa were lucky enough to come during their non-peak hours (Saturday afternoon), so we managed to grab a spot to eat our meals. As far as service goes, I wish the staff was a bit more enthusiastic about their product and their clients, especially being a new restaurant in such an already competitive sector. I'm not expecting people to bend over backwards for me in order for me to enjoy my meal... it would just be nice to see a little bit more passion! BUT if you love themed restaurants as much as I do, you would definitely love the atmosphere. Definitely one of a kind. 4 stilettos for Gangster Burger.