Last October, when I finally had time to visit Toronto (while I was there for my birthday weekend btw), I met up with my fav girl Janmari to explore a burger joint I've been meaning to try since FOREVER, Holy Chuck, at Yonge and St. Clair. A month prior to this, I received an email from a very sweet girl named Keiandra who was interested in writing an article about me and my blog for a pretty important university assignment. I was so flattered, that there was no way I could say no! So the three of us set out to this petite eatery to see if the burgers were indeed divine...

thrifted camo jacket, Zara crochet shorts and tank, Marc by Marc Jacobs Baby Groovee, Jeffrey Campbell wedges, Melody Ehsani necklace, all other assorted jewelry from UO and F21

Hate it when you see me shitting on your wannabe me

Nutella on DECK... for the desserts my tummy no longer had room to try ;(

Me and my babies... awwww.

I ordered their signature Holy Chuck burger: it's a double cheeseburger with bacon and caramelized onions, and as per their advice (it's even written on their menu), I did not add any additional toppings.

I asked them what they would recommend for a side order, and the man behind the counter quickly replied, "our creamy feta fries" ...and were they ever good!

I'm ever so excited to dig in...

Bestie and burgs... with a side of DELICIOUS crispy sweet potato chips... these, too, are a muuuust if you ever swing by Holy Chuck. You won't regret it!

Dear Keiandra was recording and interviewing the whole experience for a school project... I hope I did you proud!

The halfway point

The challenge I will never compete in... I luvvvv my burgers too much to scarf 'em down without enjoying the taste haha, though I have a friend that actually tried the challenge, but to no avail :(

It's very rare that I find myself actually ordering a cheeseburger, since I'm not really a fan of cheese, or dairy products altogether (I apologize to any and all cheese enthusiasts). But since the signature burger at Holy Chuck is in fact a cheeseburger, I wasn't going to knock it until I've tried it. I didn't even add any of my old faithfuls into the burger (tomatoes, mayo, ketchup, pickles, and/or cucumbers, etc.), in fear that I would ruin the masterpiece they had already created. In fact, on their website, they recommend that you "eat your burger as it is on the menu, with the exception of maybe a little lettuce and tomato." Did their advice pay off? I'd say so! Their burgers ooze quality, and they're not afraid to show it! Everything on their menu looked amazing... it's a shame that I didn't have room for dessert ;( A big plus: the staff was amazing... very helpful and friendly. At one point, one of the staff members even came by our table to ask if everything was up to par. They even chatted it up a little with us before we left. For creativity, quality and service, I give Holy Chuck 4 stilettos! So what are you waiting for? Get a mooooooove on and try it for yourself! Haha