I've been thinking about how to start this post for over a year now... I know it's lonnnnnng overdue, and I don't even really look like this anymore, but heck, who cares! I'M BACK, AND I'M HERE TO STAY! So last September, my friend, Janmari, and I decided to go on a burger adventure at none other than Big Smoke Burger at their King St. E location in Toronto. Mind you, this was before they opened up their 6 current locations... at this time, they only had about two locations total. If you remember a little post I wrote earlier, Big Smoke Burger is the new name of the former Craft Burger. So if they are technically the same company, why even bother reviewing Big Smoke after all? Yeah, that's what I thought, and then...

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Honeys and Money

Let the adventure begin...

Fun fact: Craft Burger had to change their name in 2011 to Big Smoke Burger due to trademarking issues, though they maintain that the staff and menu would remain the same... but could the same be said about their burgers?

The stunning interior!

Their unchanged menu can be seen here.

My lovely date, DUH

Stones x Soda

BUT OF COURSE I ordered the Classic Burger with onion rings and a Boylan's rootbeer on the side!


Eyes on the prize


"We the new clique tell all to beware"

Running on my mind...

Okay, so naturally, one would think that I'd grant Big Smoke Burger the same number of stilettos as Craft Burger (who received 4.5 stilettos for their Classic Burger, way back when, btw), since, besides the name, they are the same exact, unchanged burger joint. So what's the beef?? (haha) Personally, I wasn't wowed this time around, matter of fact, I was quite disappointed. I remember Craft being such a special burger joint that was the talk of the town... what happened? The patty was average, and the bread was overly toasted. The toppings (lettuce, tomato, mayo, ketchup and mustard) didn't really seem to have an effect on the burger, neither... I was just not impressed! I even tried to give Big Smoke a second chance when they opened up their location in the Yorkdale food court: same sad ending, AND the service was very slow for the amount of staff they had on deck! Don't get me wrong, their burgers weren't horrible, nor did they stand out... just moderate. Maybe the transition from local diamond in the rough burger restaurant to (sort of) big time franchise was Big Smoke's downfall, in my opinion. This is a classic case of quality vs. quantity, and for that, I give Big Smoke Burger 3 stilettos.