I finally had the chance to reunite with my dear friend, Yvonne, and, as per her request, we set out to downtown Toronto to try a new burger joint, as well as do a little bit of shopping! A week prior to this adventure, me and my friend were walking down Queen St. W, when he noticed a restaurant named Shanghai Cowgirl, and how everyone inside was eating a burger! Excited, I went home that very night, googled this restaurant, and read some reviews on their burger. Upon hearing that Yvonne wanted to meet up, I told her about my desire to try the burgers at Shanghai Cowgirl, but we both found the same thing: mixed reviews. So instead of listening to the (other) critics, we decided to review it ourselves!

F21 denim shirt, H&M corset and embroidered shorts, Tommy leather purse, new foxtail, Michael Kors watch, skull ring from The Bay, Little Burgundy two-finger cross ring, UO letter necklace, Aldo sandals

Proceed, pocket full of Gs

Their not-so-Asian menu

I spy...

Although Shanghai Cowgirl only offers two types of burgers, they do offer quite a variety of toppings... for a pretty penny, though.

Umm... I asked for no onions... strike 1.

But, no biggie... take off the onions and carry on.

My burger with classic toppings of mayo, ketchup, mustard, lettuce and tomato.

Pick a colour, any colour...

2/5 of the way there

Okay, okay so where do I begin? As I mentioned before, Shanghai Cowgirl's burgers have gotten quite the mix of reviews, but every time I searched for this restaurant online, someone always suggested to try their burgers... and of course I was up for the challenge! The first thing I thought of when I heard the name of the restaurant was that it was going to be some sort of fusion restaurant, or at least would offer more than two Asian selections on their menu: Shanghai noodles or fried rice, anyone? Anyway, I was only there for one thing, and boy was it expensive! And when I sank my teeth into their burger, I was even more taken aback due to the fact that it was really nothing special. I mean, it wasn't horrible, but for $10.50 for a BASIC 6 oz. burger (that could have been bought at a supermarket for all I know), I was expecting something amazing! So if Strike 1 was their lack of attention to detail and Strike 2 was their crappy fries (at $4.25, these were in fact REALLY bad... I couldn't pretend to like it if I tried), then what was Strike 3? Their skyrocket prices? Their so-so service? Their misleading name? I think it's a three-way tie for third place. I'm starting to see a trend here, so for 3 strikes, I'm giving Shanghai Cowgirl 3 stilettos. Not good, not bad... but if you're in the area, and you have some times to spare, I guess it'll do.