On one gloomy Saturday afternoon, me and Megan set out to Big Bite Gourmet Burgers to brighten up our day! We didn't exactly plan on going to Big Bite in the very beginning... in fact, prior to this day, I didn't even know it existed! The sky was looking angry and we knew it wouldn't be too long until it would start pouring, so we didn't want to venture too far. Since we were already within the vicinity, we decided to try Big Bite and their burgers. Although we were both unfamiliar with the area, it didn't take us too long to find Big Bite thanks to their bold and intriguing sign...

Wilfred tribal dress, Aldo necklace, Zara bucket purse, Jeffrey Campbell wedges, Lime Crime opaque lipstick

They'll love you one second, then hate you the next, oh ain't it crazy baby

Greetings and Awards

You can't quite see it from this view, but each table has a bite mark cut out from one of its corners... cool!


A lot on the menu, but I only came for one thing!

And so my journey begins...

Fun Fact: Big Bite Gourmet Burgers used to be named Groucho's Gourmet Burgers and has been at the same location since 1995

Oh look, it's Megan, as seen in this post.

The wonderful Sri and his flaming burgers

Our (big) buns await the meat... pause.

TA DA! I ordered the "Gourmet Groucho Burger" with bacon and the usual toppings... Sri even cut up fresh cucumbers especially for my burger!

...oh, and a side of onion rings, obvi!!!

That's one big bite!

Megan also ordered the same thing, but with cheese, sautéed mushrooms and fresh sliced onions with a side of potato wedges (which I tested for taste, of course)


I can't believe I actually finished that thing!

Sri was so accomodating as to allow me to take a picture with him, amazing!

Big Bite Gourmet Burgers has it all: good food, quirky decor, a loyal following and amazing staff! Groucho's Gourmet Burgers has been on my list since day one, and I was quite disappointed upon hearing that they were no where to be found on the map... that is, though, until I discovered that Big Bite had taken its place. It was unclear to me why they had to undergo a name change, but Sri ensured me that the only thing that has changed since they opened in 1995 was their name... not the burgers! And although it was my first time there, I could see that their loyal customers seem to agree. Big Bite stays true to their name, delivering big portions of their food, and upon finishing my meal, it had left me with a big food baby... but i'm not complaining! For what they have to offer, I am giving Big Bite Gourmet Burgers 4 stilettos for an amazing job well done!