Another day of school down truly deserves another burger! Me and Hazel were actually supposed to film here, at Burger Hut, but due to some technical difficulties, it wasn't possible at the time. Although I've worked in and around the Bayview area for quite some time, I haven't really heard of Burger Hut until I searched "burger" on my GPS and found it. Searching for it on the internet was another story, though. There are mixed reviews for this burger joint: either people swear by it, or think it's completely overrated, but I didn't want to be swayed by any opinions until I've tried it for myself!

H&M denim jacket and skirt, Wilfred cropped bustier, Zara purse and heels, Michael Kors watch, gifted bracelet

His and her everything, charge for the pair

Classic toppings, including onions, pickles, relish, tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, mayo, mustard and ketchup are available to enjoy

Features and newspaper clippings = wall art of choice

Their extensive menu of their old faithfuls

Usual Suspects

Lookin pretty on my arm: Burger Hut's 6 oz. Steak Burger

Mmmm... halfway there!

Okay, so what did I really think about Burger Hut's burgers? Well, as I previosuly stated, I ordered the 6 oz. Steak Burger, and yes it was delicious... but the burger my friend ordered, which is ironically named the "Hut" Burger (assuming it's their signature burger, being named after the restaurant), was mediocre. The Steak Burger was thick and juicy... just how I like it! I ordered a side of onion rings with my meal, which I barely touched due to the fact that I found them over battered... which was weird because they were frozen prior to being deep fried. Quite the opposite for my friend's meal, though: I found the Hut Burger quite flimsy and not all that special, but the fries were much better tasting than the onion rings for sure! I also found that their service and appearance lacked a little je ne sais quoi, but their followers don't seem to mind all that much... it sure is a popular spot! Over all, I give Burger Hut 3.5 stilettos: they have their 6 oz. Steak Burger to thank for their score, which would otherwise be no more than 3 stilettos.