Ever since I started this blog, there was one person that I know absolutely loved the idea from the getgo: my (not so) little cousin Ihsan. He often asked me if he could come along with me on a burger run, and lo and behold, I finally had a Friday off! Lucky for him, he had a PA day. So after I got my nails did, I picked him up by his area, and went to the burger place I was meaning to go to last time, but couldn't find : Big Boy's Burgers... but in Scarborough! Not only was I excited for the fact that I actually found this place, but after hours in the nail salon chair, I had definitely worked up quite an appetite!

H&M top, skirt and jacket, Aldo shoes, F21 necklace, Louis Vuitton Tivoli, nails c/o Kemy at Minx Nails and Spa

With your Louis V bag, tats on your arms, high heel shoes make you six feet tall

Meet Ihsan.

I really wish I got his name (bottom right)... he was amazing!

Not too long ago, I was taking care of this dude.

SEE!! Left to right: Ihsan, me and Michelle at my 7th birthday.
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$5 goes to who can name all the people in this picture, hahaha

Decor to match the debut of Fast Five.

FLAME ON! Wait, that's Fantastic Four... whoops!

Fun fact: at Big Boy's, after they assemble their burgers, the bottom half goes on last, making the burger upside down when you unwrap it!

My meal: Big Boy Burger combo (toppings: ketchup, mayo, mustard, tomatoes and pickles), with onion rings and a ginger ale. Funny story: The manager asked us if we wanted to label one of the burgers to differentiate whose burger was whose, and obvi I asked him to draw a heart. Look at his masterpiece!

This burger was HUGE...

...but also very delicious!

Ihsan's meal: Big Boy Burger combo (toppings: ketchup, mayo, honey mustard, bell peppers, lettuce and onions), with onion rings and a Sprite.

I'm pretty sure he enjoyed it, too!
During our meal, Ihsan glanced at the menu and he saw "Deep Fried Mars Bars," and he was so excited to try it, he offered to pay for mine, too! LUCKILY, the owner of the shop offered it to us... for free! Without us even asking! I TOLD you he was amazing!

No comment.

I've only had two deep fried Mars bars in my life (see Dangerous Dan's Diner), but let me tell you, this one was waaaaaay better!

I've said it time and time again, and I will continue to say it: I LOVE themed burger joints. Although I'm a crazy girly girl, I didn't mind the uber-masculine appeal of Big Boy's... in fact, I thought it was cute! The burger itself was very good: juicy, tasty and so good that it could stand on its own, without being overpowered with crazy toppings. The only thing I could say was that I think 1/2lb of beef was a littttttle too much for me to handle, even on an empty stomach! I got crazy itis after! Me and Ihsan both love onion rings, and these ones were no exception. What stood out the MOST out of my experience at BBB was the really amazing service we received. They went above and beyond the usual standard for fast food burger joints and really gave us a meal to remember. If you're ever around the area, either in Scarborough or Pickering, I highly suggest you check out Big Boy's Burgers. 4 stilettos.