First of all, I must say, THANK GOODNESS FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL WEATHER... especially on my days off! Although it's not summer yet, it sure feels like it! A couple weekends ago, me and my burger bestie Jessica set out to The Stockyards Smokehouse & Larder, a restaurant highly recommended by my coworker, J. Lo, and my dear friend, Avi. Since I had the whole day to gallivant, I decided why not make our way downtown (sort of?) and take advantage of the lovely sunshine? Funny story is, while me and Jessica were taking pictures outside, I peered in and saw my friend Jaime working (sadly, forgot to take a picture), and she convinced us (although she didn't have to try hard at all) to try a couple items from their menu.

Wilfred linen shorts and cropped button up, Aldo heels, Marc by Marc Jacobs Baby Groovee

You put me on a feeling I never had

Cozy interior

TRUST me... everything sounds delicious on their menu

Ginger-infused iced tea and mint-infused limeade... both made in house!

Best seat in the house!

The Animal Burger: two mustard seared 3 oz. patties, American cheese, sauce, lettuce, pickles, caramelized onion

The delicious sauce was literally spilling out the burger!

Me and Jessica also split this DELICIOUS platter of Stockyards Fried Chicken Dinner

Jessiepoo enjoying her burger

Before even stepping foot into Stockyards, I knew to expect a cozy environment, good food and a homestyle atmosphere... and that's exactly what I got! Despite the fact that it was steaming hot outside, and inside the restaurant, I didn't really mind it at all! That just meant that I got to enjoy the beautiful aroma from the food even more! Because Stockyards is primarily a smokehouse, they do not just specialize in burgers, but their burgers were just that... special. The patty was verrrrry juicy and their buns were soft and tasty. This pint-sized burger was the perfect little bite to satisfy my craving. The ONLY negative thing I could say about this burger is that I wish the patty had just a little bit more seasoning on it... then it would've set the whole thing off! Not only do they have amazing burgers, but they also have delicious fried chicken... and they do not skimp on that neither: four pieces of chicken, amaaaaaazing 'soggy' fries (as me and Jess call it... 'cause we love soggy fries) and delicious coleslaw! If you're ever in the vicinity of St. Clair and Christie, you MUST go to Stockyards Smokehouse & Larder... the almost perfect 4.5 stilettos!