After a long, long Monday at school, I decided to treat myself to a delicious homestyle burger. Since I was already out East, I decided why not try a burger down here? I remember a loooong time ago, when I started blogging about burgers, my friend Abby suggested Starr Ave Burger, but I never thought I'd actually have the time to visit (Me = Markham, Starr Ave Burger = Whitby)... until now!

Wilfred quilted coat, Talula velvet dress, H&M wedges and faux fur scarf, Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier hobo

Don't worry about me and who I fire
I get what I desire, It's my empire

Trophies and Coke

Retro everything

Classic toppings!

Order for Louise

So excited to eat after a long day of school!

It's like I'm eating in a pool

About to dig in...

Yum yum... so juicy! And obvi I had it with the classic toppings!

"My girl walked in glistenin', different stones..."

What surprised me the most about Starr Ave Burger was their great service and amazing staff! I've been to many burger places: fast food joints, diners, pubs, "classier" burger places, etc. and I noticed that good service is rare. This definitely set them apart from most burger joints I've been to! Now onto the burgers... right when I received my tray, I was relieved: nothing like a homestyle burger to end a long, sluggish day at school! Their burgers are pretty comparable to Lick's, but with better fries... their sweet potato fries are amazing! If you're ever in and around Whitby (or if you've lived there for years and never been) and you want some delicious burgers and fries, this is the place to go! 3.5 stilettos.