A while ago my friend Hazel asked me for a favour: to help her out with a school project. This included following me around while I grabbed a burger for a short film documentary. Considering Hazel is so awesome and the fact that I was due for another burger anyway, I figured why not?! Golden Star Restaurant has been on my list since day one. A couple of my friends in and around the Thornhill area swore by it, and coming from many trusted sources, I could not deny its legitimacy. I've always been meaning to try the burgers at Golden Star, and now the day had finally come!

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Awards and Accolades

This guy on the left asked about a million questions, haha

Crowning of the buns

Not too shabby. I ordered the All Star Combo (Combo 3) and Janski ordered the Super Star Combo. I think my combo was supposed to come with a side of fries, but they gave us a basket full instead!

Mmmmmm these onion rings definitely complemented the meal well

leopard x leopard

This picture has got my mouth watering...

(This was before it got packed)

She got that ambition baby, look in her eyes

All this meanwhile Hazel was filming, btw

Because we had to film this specific burger post, we had to ask for permission from the restaurant's managers prior to actually planning the visit. Hazel told me that that the manager she spoke with over the phone was very nice and allowed our little project to take place within Golden Star. Upon hearing this, I was very excited not only for the delicious burgers everyone raved to me about, but of the wonderful service I knew to expect. Maybe it was because we were filming, or maybe it was because the staff is just always so friendly and accomodating, but I must say, they made this visit very enjoyable and memorable! Oh, and the burger, too! Although the patty was not the typical thick and juicy patty I tend to favour, it was still packed with so much flavour and was cooked wonderfully. With the perfect combination of condiments (the classics, obvi) and a couple strips of crispy and juicy bacon, how couldn't I give Golden Star such high praise? For the wonderful service, authentic atmosphere, and delicious food, I give this beautifully-run family business 4.5 stilettos!! Golden Star Restaurant is a must-visit!