Pre-major snowfall, me and my friend decided to try a new burger place that we've passed a couple of times, driving down Yonge St. called The Burger Cellar. I was really excited to visit this place, because after being to many burger joints around the GTA, I had yet to find an upscale restaurant that specialized in burgers. I thought to myself: What's classier than burgers and wine? Although I'm not really one for wine (or alcohol altogether, for that matter), I liked the idea of taking a simple, everyday food item and pairing it with something so sophisticated. Oh yeah, and the logo was also very clever... so enticing!

Polo button up, F21 skirt, H&M trench, wedges and faux fur scarf, LV speedy

I had a crush, now we grown and we still so thorough

waiting... and waiting........ and some more waiting!

(a glimpse of) The Burger Cellar's extensive wine collection

My order: "The Original Classic Burger" with AAA Black Angus

" lettuce, Hot House tomato, red onion and a kosher dill pickle "
...but of course I took out the onions!

...and we shared it.

Jan's order: "The Burger Cellar Burger" aka "The BCB" with Kobe beef

" two-year-old Bothwell smoked cheddar, apple cider bacon, sautéed mushrooms, chipotle BBQ sauce and a beer-battered onion ring "

The only good part of their service

Ok, so if there's one thing to know about me, it's that when I get excited for something—although I hate to admit it—I think about it a lot, almost obsess over it, and ultimately build up such high anticipation and expectation for it... so you could almost imagine what my emotions were like prior to sitting down at The Burger Cellar. The verdict: Total. Disappointment. Yeah, the burgers were tasty, but it was also accompanied by salty service and a misleading ambiance. No, I have not become such a burger snob, that I expect the utmost service: I mean, they did not even recommend any wine to go with our meal! Isn't it supposed to be a Burger Grill and Wine Bar? The staff was so unwelcoming, the service took FOREVER, and I left with the most unwanted feeling of pretentiousness. New restaurant jitters or not, this was not at all what I expected from TBC. Two thumbs down, but I'll give them 3 stilettos for innovation and creativity. A sour pat on the back, I guess.