What better way to ring in a new B&B year than with a post with none other than my good old friend, Karl? It had been such a long time since I've seen him, and there's nothing like catching up over some burgers....... and something else that starts with a B (haha). I've heard of The Real McCoy before (one again, no website... boo), drove past it a couple times without noticing, and then when I tried to actually FIND the place, I get lost. Long story short, I made it! I was really anticipating this place for two reasons: because it had been on my list since day 1, and simply because I heard they had really good burgers!

H&M blazer, Talula sequin tank, COH denim, vintage heels, Charles & Keith purse, Michael Kors watch

And you could tell that L is real 'cause she do real things
And I make things thats average look real mean

Although I took a peek at the menu, I already knew what I wanted...

Poor guys: Karl and I told them this post would be up in a week or two... little did they know it would take me four months! Yikes!

Mmmm... my Mojo burger awaits!

Too bad I didn't get to take a picture of Karl this time... but here's one to refresh your memory. You may remember him from a previous entry at Burger Shack

No seats :( So we sat in my car and enjoyed them there!

STACKED hahahahaaha

Like Johnny's, The Real McCoy doesn't have interior seating, so here goes another in-car burger post! While researching about TRM, I kept reading reviews about this amazing "Mojo burger" that I just had to try... so I did! Little did I know, it contained cheese... but I ate it anyway! Although I claim to dislike cheeseburgers and cheese altogether, this one was not bad at all... in fact, I wouldn't change a thing about this burger! The patty was juicy, the service was awesome, and they did not skimp on the toppings... at all! It was the perfect afternoon snack... now all I have to do is go back and try their pizza (I heard it's amazing, too). 4.5 stilettos!