With this extreme cold weather Toronto has had for the past week, I wanted to warm things up a bit with a throwback entry from the summer. Right before I left for the Philippines, I wanted to squeeze one more T.O. burger rendez-vous in, but didn't get to post it in time. Better late than never, right? Anyway, Jessica and I set out to Grindhouse Burger Bar on King St W (their only location... thus far). I didn't know or hear much about the place beforehand besides the "Google research" I've done on my own time, so I was especially excited for this one!

beater (stolen from my big brother), Zara faux leather vest, H&M shorts, Michael Antonio heels

You don't know how impressing your curiousity was to me

A very warm and inviting environment

The bar

Hmm... what to order?

¡Hola, Jessica! hahahaha

OBVS, you already know!

After much contemplation, I opted for their Signature Beef Burger

... and then Jessica and I shared onion rings, how sweet!

Love at first bite.

What's truly unique about Grindhouse Burger Bar is that all menu items, condiments, and bread are made in-house, so no matter what you order, you get 100% of what GBB has to offer, amazing!

R.I.P. Barbie debit card

As I mentioned before, I had not heard much about Grindhouse Burger Bar prior to actually going there, so I came in, with an open mind and an open stomach! For their signature beef burger, it was definitely something different. GBB makes their own condiments (mustard and ketchup) in house, as well as their bread, of which you have three options: Tank House White, Steam Whistle Whole Wheat Bun, or their Gluten free bun. You also have the choice of how you would like your patty cooked (my fav). For those who don't know, I tend to get bored of food pretty easily, so to have many options and variations for something as simple as a hamburger makes my heart smile. The only downfall I found of their burger was with its construction: if you wait too long, the bread soaks up the sauces, and becomes a bit too soggy for my liking. Other than that, Grindhouse Burger Bar definitely serves a beautiful masterpiece of a burger... and not only do they serve burgers, but also many other dishes of culinary art. I will definitely go back and try the rest of their menu! 4 stilettos!