A while back, me and my friend were enjoying a lovely day off, and after a long, jam-packed day, we decided to grab a bite! Considering we were already within the vicinity, I decided we should finally try The Burger's Priest, after many recommendations from friends. Please don't mind the quality of the following images, it was late, and it was a looong day...

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Good runs all through you, I can't help myself
You found my weakest spot

What's on the programme menu?

Oh, but don't forget to bring some $$$, this place accepts cash only!

(View their complete menu here.)

My order: "The Double Double Combo"

Two burgers stacked with ketchup, mustard, mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and................ cheese, for once. Oh, and a side of fries + root beer, obvi.

The little burger from heaven...

Also on tonight's menu, the 'Option' Combo: a vegetarian alternative to a beef patty; a mushroom patty, stuffed with cheese, then fried. Interesting... Sad to say, I did not get to taste this concoction... I was a little intimidated by the mushrooms + cheese combo :S Topping-wise, my friend got everything I got on my burger, plus onions, minus the cheese (it was already in the patty!)

Besides Craft Burger, I would have to say that The Burger's Priest is the next most-requested burger joint I've been asked to try. It may be because it's new, or because it's a pretty good gimmick, or simply because their burgers (and fries) are to die for... but TBP deserves these 4.5 stilettos! Why they did not receive the full 5 stilettos is due to three main reasons: not a wide selection on their menu (although not always necessary, it would be nice to have more than three burger options... but they DO have a secret menu), a small location + limited seating, and finally, although not major, the lack of payment options :( We waited quite a long time for the ATM at the convenience store next door (along with many other TBP customers). La fin!