So my burger blogging in the Philippines continues... this time, with my Dad's side of the family! If there's one thing to say about my Dad's side of the family, it's that we loooooove food! We love to eat, we they love to cook (I don't know how... just yet), and they sure are amazing at it! All I remember about staying at my aunt's house during my trip is falling into the worst food comas ever, due to a day filled with going to different restaurants for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and anytime in between. The first place we went to was this smoothie cafe at the Green Hills Promenade in San Juan called Fuzion for a light snack to start off our day... which quickly turned into a burger tasting and mini feast of much more!

H&M top & belt, Hollister shorts, F21 heels, Zara purse

See I've been watching you for a while, and I just gotta let you know that I'm really feeling your style

Me and the Fuzion burger, which I had to split with my two cousins, because I was already very, very full...

It's called the 'Fuzion burger', because it fuses eastern and western favourites into one delicious creation... can you tell which aspects are from which cultures?

My cousin Jaye... trust me, he wasn't frowning after his share of the burger!

My older cousin Jonn with his share

My share after a tiny bite!

My aunt and some more of her kids... she has 6!

Some more delicious delicacies!

I wasn't expecting much of this burger, especially coming from a smoothie cafe, but let me tell you... it was actually very good! As I mentioned before, it's called the 'Fuzion burger' because it combines different aspects from two different cultures to create one burger. The burger is of course, a western favourite, but the bread on this burger is native to the Philippines, along with the mayonnaise, which is more of a sandwich spread. Although I had already eaten a whole meal from this place, and I was just tasting their burger, I kind of wish I had a whole one to myself, because it was just that delicious! For bringing something different to the table, I give Fuzion 3.5 stilettos!