Back at my Mom's side of the family, most of my cousins are in and around my age. After I told them about my blog, they were eager to have a burger with me! We were supposed to visit another burger place within the area in BF, but unfortunately it opened at 3pm, and we were about half an hour too early... and hungry! Luckily, my cousin Joyce knew of a place that served great burgers (and wings) called Buffalo's Wings N' Things. I know, I know... it's mainly a wing place, but I took her word for it! I couldn't turn this offer down!

H&M tube top & fringe purse, TopShop shorts, Michael Antonio heels

And I'm sick with the money, I can cough a stack
I can sneeze some Gs so baby let's roll

I ♥ NY

Guess what I ordered?

My cousins, Arnelli and Lyra

Me and Joey... we used to HATE each other as kids!

My mini Buffalo cheese burgers! (The server suggested these)

I've never blogged mini burgers before... let alone cheese burgers!

After one bite

Lyra and I ordered the same thing!

Joyce ordered the normal-sized one

Oh... and of course I also ordered wings!!! DUH

So what did I think of the burger that came from the wing place? I felt like it tasted like a burger that came from a wing place. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't the best-tasting burger I've ever tried, and no, it wasn't due to the fact that it was a cheese burger and that I don't like cheese. The patty was thick and juicy, and the sauteed onions added some flavour, but the taste just wasn't so endearing... I kind of got tired of it after 1.5 mini burgers. Maybe I was just missing the traditional toppings I was used to. But what about their wings?? They were okay, too... a little bit too much butter on the saucy ones, but if you know me well, you would know that my all-time favourite wings are simply plain dry wings. Okay, back to their burgers... I give them 3 stilettos. Nothing special.