One day, me, my mom, her sister, and her sister's neighbour (weird mix, huh) were quite bored, so we decided to go to Serendra to shop! It's sooooo nice there! Reminds me of Shops at Don Mills (miss you 310!) As we walked around the complex, we passed by Brothers Burger a couple of times, and although I knew we were going to have dinner soon, I couldn't resist the colorful exterior and the flaming sign...

Wilfred bustier tank and silk shorts, UB wrap, H&M studded belt and gladiator sandals, Zara zippered purse

go 'head with that bullshit!

All I kept thinking about was how many Big Brother episodes I'd be missing hahahaaa

mouth. watering.

la commande

My hurr is getting so damn long!

My delicious meal snack

BBB = Baby Brothers Burger


felt like I was still in T.O. palm trees!

As mentioned, I had passed this burger joint a couple of times that day, and had finally decided to try it out. Thank goodness I did! The Baby Brothers Burger I had devoured was delicious, the onion rings were crispy, the lemonade was refreshing, and the view was comforting! After the first bite, I knew exactly what Brothers Burger reminded me of... In-N-Out Burger. Maybe not to the same intensity as my visit to In-N-Out in LV, but just as tasty. And another thing you can always count on in the Philippines is excellent service. 4.5 stilettos!