In the Philippines, I did a lot of shopping... like A LOT of shopping. This was probably my third time at the Mall of Asia, and I was getting a little hungry... I knew there were many more burger joints for me to try, and after asking for some suggestions, my cousin Lyra told me that Wham! Burgers was definitely a place to try! Too bad they don't have a website... the concept is bananas!

Topshop bodysuit, BB Dakota scalloped skirt, Marc by Marc Jacobs sling bag, Gibi shoes

We probably aint supposed to be together
but I wonder if our love affair could last forever
And shawty Im with ya
Smoke alot of weed but I could never forget yaaaaaa

Bright, colorful, unique and modern

It's like a real life comic book!

This is my newest cousin (in-law), Melanie! She's amazing!




I love themed burger places, so when I saw Wham! Burgers I was soooo excited to step in! The concept, the menu, the atmosphere... all amazing. The burger was actually quite larger than I excpected it to be, and what was also amazing was the price... I don't remember the exact price, but all I remember saying was "that's it??" Good food, good value and an over all great experience! 4 stilettos!!!!