I know it's been ages since I've posted anything on B&B, but I've finally found some free time to post some blogs from my trip! For those who don't know, I recently visited the Philippines for my cousin's wedding in August/September... and although I did come back about a month ago, these places were still worth posting! My cousins overseas were really excited to take me out to some local burger joints, and I was equally as excited to try what the country had to offer! My first blog comes from Burgoo at the Mall of Asia. Let's gooooooo

sweetheart tube top (no label), American Apparel tulip skirt, H&M leather belt, Zara patchwork purse, F21 heels

Ain't tryna game you up so boy I'll be straight
Dont want to mess it up before it's too late

ME = très excited

OBVI this is what I ordered, but btw Burgoo doesn't just serve burgers!
p.s. the price is in Philippine pesos... $1 CAD = ~40 pesos

My lovely cousin, Elizabeth, who shares a birthday with me!

Pink, $$$, gold, and diamonds

♥ mango juice

IT'S HERE... I ordered the burger sans onions and cheese... because I'm not really a fan of either of those

The first double stacked patty I've ever blogged!

I'm not gonna lie, it was kinda intimidating!

She ordered the chicken teriyaki noodles

Their table cloth was paper, and was accompanied with crayons à la Jack Astor's

Burgers are more of a western favourite, so when I decided I was going to blog burgers in the Philippines, I was a little apprehensive, because I wasn't sure that there were going to be enough places for me to try. Burgoo was a safe first time blog because, although the restaurant is native to the Philippines, it does follow the theme of an American bar & restaurant. After looking at the menu, and seeing that their burger had a recommendation sticker saying it was "The Best!", I knew it was an offer I could not pass up! The verdict? Average. Although the blend of the patty was unique, I do not feel that the taste itself was outstanding. Perhaps if I had not opted out of the cheese and onions, that it would have been more enjoyable. 3 stilettos.