It was a beautiful summer day, I had a day off, and I wanted to gallivant the streets of T.O. I didn't even have a burger joint in mind that I wanted or was craving to try... so I GPSed 'burger' on my phone, and picked Gourmet Burger Co. Driving down the streets, the joint immediately stood out to me for it's sophisticated exterior (and interior... as I later found out). Although I hadn't really heard much about this place, I was eager to find out for myself!

Wilfred bustier tank, American Apparel skirt, H&M heart purse, Sheikh shoes

I could've been in love by now if it wasn't for T.O.N.Y.

Littlest Burger Shoppe

Pricy, but yummy....


...and more waiting

What a beautiful day it was!

I am a SUCKER for nice packaging, which by the way is biodegradable!
I had the 6 oz. GBC burger, with the usual toppings, and sweet potato fries... story of my life. View their menu here.

c/o my Jones soda


Personally, I feel as if Gourmet Burger Co. is definitely underrated! Why have I not heard about this place before? Their food is amazing, their staff is friendly, and their presentation is unique! What I liked most about GBC (besides their burgers, of course) is that they strive to bring quality and sophistication to something as simple as fast food. If you're ever within the area of a Gourmet Burger Co. (there are a few locations, with a brand new one opening on August 9th), I would highly suggest that you go on in and try it for yourself!
 I give GBC 4.5 stilettos!! Amazing!