It's been a while since I've had a girls day out (...since LV), and me and my besties were hungry! Ok, so since I've started this burger blog, people have been giving me suggestions left and right. Craft Burger has been one of theeee top suggestions, and every time I mentioned that I hadn't tried it yet, people looked at me astonished! OK SO HERE IT IS... my first (but I guarantee you, not the last) time at Craft!

Wilfred romper, H&M denim jacket, LV speedy, Casio watch, shoes via

Drop 5 stacks on the make up bag

BTW we went to the King St. W location

Craft does take-out orders, too

Well all got a Boylan soda... can you guess who got which flavour?

A cute and cozy setting

est. 1992

MY MEAL: Classic burger with onion rings and a ginger ale (yup, you guessed it!)


BTW Jessica ordered the Craft burger, and Megan ordered the Craft Spicy burger... or vice versa.

awww shiet!!!


...aaaaand that's about all the burger pics you're gonna get.
Too busy enjoying my mealaaahz!

My new tokidoki lipgloss... in BURGER flavour, obviiiiiiiiiiii

Craft gets it... Food & Fashion ♥

After eating, we decided to gallivant the streets of TO

OMG... CLEEPORD!!!! (You had to be there)

Prior to going to Craft Burger, I had such high expectations: everyone told me Craft was the best burger in TO. Maybe it was because I was absolutely starrrving, or maybe their burgers were simply delicious, but I really enjoyed these burgers! The setting was really nice too: a cute little shop with frames of fashion designers everywhere... maybe just a little too cramped, though. But that's the least of my concerns. Craft makes delicious food, and I'm telling everyone out there to go out and try it! You won't regret it... you may even love me for it. (drumroll, please) 4.5 stilettos for CB!