If you didn't already know, me and my girls went to Vegas about two weeks ago to celebrate my girl Megan aka MEGA aka Medusa's birthday! Everyone I told about Vegas had one suggestion when it came to burgers: In-N-Out Burger... and when I say everyone, I mean EVERYONE. I've heard so many good stories about In-N-Out Burger, and that if I had to visit just one burger joint down in Vegas, that this was THEEE one.

H&M head to toe: acrylic mesh dress, studded belt (not pictured), fringe sling bag, gladiator sandals & flower clip

The T.O. anthem in LV...
I swear this song played at every club and we repped it every time!
Can you see me? Can you see me? Get your Visine on!

These people are FAST.

BTW thanks again to Melissa for taking such wonderful photos!

It was packed in here... like PACKED. We had to split up our group so that half of us could order the meals, and the other half could find a place to sit!

Surprisingly, it didn't take long for them to dish it out... I told you they were fast!
BTW I ordered their classic hamburger (in a combo), and added their Protein Style burger off their Not-so-Secret Menu (it's the one wrapped in lettuce).


It was delicious!

...and now for burger #2

I actually liked this one a bit better... it was jucier (obvi), and was definitely something different for a change!

Their fresh, home-made fries!

Jessica ordered (delicious) Animal Style fries, also from their Not-so-Secret Menu. Trust me, it tastes 1000000 (that's a million) times better than it looks... promise!

Hahahaha... that's me taking a picture of my Protein Style burger and Jessica eating her Animal Style fries.

Laiza and Megs

So what's the verdict? Personally, I think that the burgers rivaled McDonald's, and since they are both technically fast food places, I feel that it's fair to compare the two. The taste of the burgers reminded me of McDonalds... as did the taste (and appearance) of the fries. I've always told myself that I would never rate a fast food place on my blog, but I feel that In-N-Out is different than let's say... McDonald's... because I found the food less greasy (therefore more appetizing), the atmosphere a little more welcoming, and their style truly unique, ie. their Not-so-Secret Menu. But I'd still have to say that McDonald's stilllll has the best fries! THAT is indisputable! It wasn't the BEST burger I've ever tasted, but it definitely was the best fast-food burger I've ever had. 4.5 stilettos!