It's heating upppppppppp!!! Can't you tell? This photo was taken at approx. 9pm last Sunday, and cot damn it was still beautiful out! Anyhoooooo, my diet's about to get ruined with all my blogging coming up in the next couple of weeks, but how can I complain? Good food, good company & good conversation... what's not to love? So I hit downtown with my girl Jess to try W Burger Bar, as suggested by my friend Ju$to (haha, remember that?). So, what did I think???

sweetheart tube top (no label), Wilfred free high waisted shorts, H&M jacket, Zara purse, Lanvin silk scarf, Steve Madden heels

Telling you that's more than enough for me...

This is what you get once you sit down... mmmm celery!

Check out their menu here. Very interesting (and delicious) selections.

Jess ordered the 'Chocolate Gorilla Monkey' spiked milkshake.
Yea, I had a sip of it, but for those who don't know, I don't really drink
................. often.


So me & Jess both ordered the PURE burger, with the WBB suggested toppings: chili, mozarella and sour cream (I figured that it was their signature), but I added a tomato slice, because I cannot enjoy my burger without one!

Ice cream & burgers


No, really... very, verrrrrrrrrry yum!

Right Jess?

What I found interesting was that W Burger Bar had pictures up of Toronto, back in the day... a nostalgic feel to a modern setting! Clever.

Ok, so my friend Justin aka Ju$to told me I should try out this place. It was already on my list of places to visit, so I figured why not? And thank goodness I did! A-MA-ZING... and Jess would agree, too! I think it's the fact that they make the burger the way you would like it. They not only give you many options as to what you would like ON your burger, but HOW the actual patty is cooked. We both chose to have it grilled, medium... and boy were we ever grateful for that! It was PERFECT. 5 stilettos!!!

p.s. I STILL don't know what the 'W' in W Burger Bar stands for...