FINALLY me & my Korean BBQ Ken (he calls me BBQ Barbie... don't ask. I don't know why!) got to hit up a burger joint together!!! I think 2mas (another name that I call him) was one of the first people I told about my blog even before I had it up and running, because he happened to be at work when I was doing the shoot for my creative. Anyhooooo, one day when he called from Promenade to do a phone check, we decided that we MUST hit up Dangerous Dan's Diner sometime, because we've both had recommendations to try it.
That day has finally come, woohoo!

Twist my body like the exorcist

Talula bustier tank & bf blazer, Hollister shorts, BCBG cutout boots, LV zippy organizer

Their menu is filled with very unique concoctions of food & desserts.
I do believe this is Dangerous Dan and his wife, Marvelous Molly.
Just kidding... don't quote me on that.

2massssssss. Oh btw his name is Thomas.


I ordered a plain burger. Now that I think about it, I think I got the wrong order. Funny story (not really), but along with the sides that we ordered (onion rings & deep fried perogies), we also received a serving of fries, fries that we both knew we didn't order, but ate anyway! Ok, so back to why I don't think this burger didn't belong to me: there were onions and peppers in it. Mehhh I picked them out anyway!


Ok so........... this looks unhealthy.


Hahahaa... and if you're looking for entertainment after you eat, head to Jilly's!! Haha


... but we still had room for dessert!
Deep fried Mars bars. Good, but it definitely needed more ice cream.

Okay, so Dangerous Dan's Diner is notorious for having the most bizarre setting and unhealthy food: the seats are actually car seats and burger toppings range from the classic, ie. lettuce, ketchup, pickles, etc. to the downright crazy, ie. pineapples, deep fried pickles and even a fried egg! I give the 'Double D' credit for being one-of-a-kind and having good sized portions, but when it came down to what mattered most—their burgers, I just don't think they quite delivered. The patty was bland, the bun was cold, and it just didn't quite live up to the hype. 3 stilettos.