I know it's been toooooooo long since I've posted something on here. I'm just been busy with... you guessed it... school and work. What else is new? Well I've finally had a couple days off to 'study,' and I figure... what better way to spend a study break than by updating my blog? How nerdy... But ANYWAY, some time last week, I met up with Yvonne to catch up from a drought of chillages we've been having. I remember texting her and asking if she was free. All she wrote back was 'bbt or burgers?' HAHAHA obviiii. Anyway, we hit up South St. Burger Co. here in Markham, because I've heard mixed reviews about this place, and I wanted to clear it up for myself!

Talula bustier tank, F21 skirt & shoes, Community button up jacket, Club Monaco headband, LV Speedy

If looks could kill then my style might body ya...

Fun Fact: South St. Burger Co. is a division of New York Fries

A really modern setting

 Lumberjack Chic

Toppings galore!!!!

My burger awaits...
Oh, and BTW I kinda cheated, please forgive me. I didn't feel like the regular old toppings, so aside from what I usually put in my burger, I added guacamole and dijon mustard sauce..... SHOOT ME!

Mmmm traditional NYF seasoning! I ♥ CAJUN

Of course I ordered onion rings and a root beer!

About to enjoy my burger!

Oh, and Yvonne was supposed to be studying too, hahaha

Ok, so after trying all these burgers, you would think I'd be tired of them by now, right? WRONG! I love experiencing new places, new staff and new twists to an old classic. Although I strayed away from the usual this time around, I don't feel as if it affected the over all outcome of my decision. I feel as if the burger was delicious, and the staff & environment were accomodating! Downsides? They closed too early? Or were we just there too late? Hahahaha. Oh, and I should have stuck to regular old fries this time. Maybe onion rings aren't their forte. Anyhooooooo 4 STILETTOS! A great experience!