Last week, I FINALLY got to go out for a run with my 306 BFF Yvonne! Since she's kind of experienced in the burger field (haha), we decided to go to a familiar place and just enjoy a good burger! I know Lick's borders the line of fast food and traditional homestyle burgers, but I still love it! It's my quick go-to fix for a good burger. Not too little, not too much... just right!

I took a picture mentally when i pulled up in the black on black bent-a-ly

Self-timers are always fun!

Ok, soooo I ordered their homeburger, DUH! But this time, I added cucumbers into the mix, because I have such a strong love affair with them!

Mmmmm their onion rings are HEAVEN!


Yvonne got the Taters n' Cream

(I love this photo)

  F21 floral dress; H&M studded belt, biker jacket & red zip-up wedges; Zara patchwork purse 


I know Lick's barely makes it onto any "Top Burger" lists, but it sure does make mine! It's thick, juicy, delicious and affordable! On top of that, the service is always good, and they have a nice spread of desserts to choose from (always a plus). For a good while, I was pretty much obsessed with Lick's, frequenting its locations at least twice a week (which is plenty), and it never failed me. So to you, ol' Lick's, I give you 3.5 stilettos for always hitting the spot when needed!