This past weekend was... eventful! So to commemorate mine and Shells' reunion, we decided to grab a burger. Since I've started researching burgers, I've gotten good suggestions for the GTA and even out in the West end... but never in the East. Since I was sleeping over Shells' place, I wanted to find out if there were any good burger joints out there. My brother's girlfriend is also from the East, so she suggested I visit Butcher's Grill out in Ajax. Two words. Thank you!

No comment. Hahahaha

high waisted leggings, F21 heels

I loooove this idea.

The vast array of toppings! Look... cucumbers!

Very clean and modern.

Ok so, after you order and pay, the lady gives you a pager, and once you're ready to customize your burger, they page you (DUH...) and it lights up... 

Shells & I both got the 5 oz. burger... but she got a side of fries and went a little crazy with the toppings. Hahahaha just kidding!

Myyyyyy delicious burger. Of course, with a side of onion rings and a root beer :)
They even offer to cut your burger in half. Genius!

Okay so............. this is like THEEEE best kept secret of the East end. DELICIOUS burger, DELICIOUS bun, nice & clean setting and friendly staff... what more can you ask for???? I cannot elaborate more on this... you've honestly just got to go there and try it for yourself. 5 MUFUCKING STILETTOS!!!!!