With this weird weather we're having, I'm getting confused as to WHAT I should throw on every day. BUT I have just purchased this much sought after military jacket at work, and I knew that I just hadddd to wear it! After hours of school + french script practising with my group, me & Megan decided to go for a burger run at the very popular Johnny's Hamburgers... too bad they, too, don't have an official website! Johnny's has been, since I've started this blog, THEEE top request. I've been to Johnny's many times before, I just hadn't been blogging at the time. Sooooo for all you out there who have been waiting for this, here goes!

Zara sweater, Talula military jacket & high waisted leggings, printed wool scarf c/o Aritzia-Christmas '08 gift, Doc Marten boots (BORROWED FROM THE BOYS/MILITARY inspired outfit)

What we want? Want them to say...

A traditional diner look and feel once you step in...

Toppings include: ketchup, mustard, mayo & tomatos (not pictured), pickles, raw onions, relish and FRIED onions... one of the first burger joints I've been to with fried onions... and no lettuce! haha

The owner let us take pictures behind the counter once I mentioned this was going on my blog! And he even let me put on his hat!!

(Some) of the crew + me & Megan

This is where they grill their famous 'charcoal broiled' hamburgers


My burger

Oh and btw they don't have seats inside, so we decided to eat in my car

Hi Megan!


OKAY SO HERE GOES, as I said, I've been to Johnny's before... in fact a couple times before, because I used to work a 5 minute walking distance away from there. The first time I had it, it was AMAAAZING. It was actually something I craved. But, after going their last summer during work, I thought maybe their magic had started to fizzle??? Soooo, I decided to revisit Johnny's to clear their air once and for all. The verdict? So so. I mean, they're great burgers, but I don't feel like, in comparison to the other burgers I've tried, that they stand out to be the best burger. The staff is amaaaazing! Really friendly! I just wish they had indoor seating (I know they bring picnic tables out for the summertime...).