Right after my first burger review experience at Hero, I was excited to go out and try more and more burgers! After a little bit of online research, I drew up a list of prospective burger joints to go out and venture. One burger joint that had failed to make that list was Fulton Market. In fact, I have never even heard about it until a friend told me about it. Considering I already had to pick him up from a nearby location that day, I figured why not try it out?

thrifted denim button up (no label), Talula pants, Wilfred bias-cut scarf, F21 cutout heels

Background music c/o the newest Barbie bitch, Nicki Minaj!

I just thought it was ironic.

One stand out feature about Fulton Market is that they have a "design your own" burger feature on a classic paper bag. I chose a 1/3 lb Prime Rib Burger, again, with just the classic toppings. BUT, like Hero, they also had a vaaast variety of toppings to choose from!

Another cool feature is that the paper bag also came with a blank space on which to write your name on. Once your order is ready, your name shows up on a screen for everyone to see!

Another little bit of irony.

IT'S READY! Isn't the presentation neat?

Please excuse the lack of personal pictures for this post, due to these two reasons a) I had just came back from one of my first classes of the semester, and the school day had a taken a toll on my physical appearance (haha), and b) the burger was just toooooo delicious to interrupt! After my last bite, I was astounded that this best kept secret had been kept for too long! I had to get the good word out! GO TO FULTON MARKET! You won't be diappointed! For this, I haaave to give Fulton 4.5 STILETTOS! Great food, great service and great atmosphere! (Sorry, a little edit here... 4.5 and not quite 5. I still have this longing to find theeee perfect burger.)