Last Wednesday, I finally got to reunite with my good friend Karl! It's definitely been a long time since I've seen this dude, and since he guuuushed about how much he loved my blog, I thought it would be an awesome idea to catch up over some burgers! After a very unsafe car ride, Google map-ing and GPS-ing where to grab a bite, we finally made our way to The Burger Shack, who unfortunately doesn't have an official website to link to (at least I don't think so). But before reading further, isn't this picture beautiful?? Hahahah (almost) all photo credits go to Karl and his awesome photography skills! 

idra faux fur coat, H&M faux fur scarf & lace up heels, Wilfred zip-front skirt & red bustier tank (not pictured), Zara zipper purse, F21 bow headband

( Kinda Self Explanatory )

These crazy movie theatre-like seats banged so loudly when I let it go :S

The typical 'receipt picture,' except this time I didn't spend a dime... thanks Karl!

Mmmmmm... onion rings!


The official Louise Vuitton photography debut!

Oh, and Karl had a cheeseburger. The end!

Immediately upon entering The Burger Shack I was reminded of a Coffee Time or a Baker's Dozen, and I mean that in the best way possible... it was nostalgic! I didn't know exactly what to expect from these burgers, since I haven't really heard a big buzz (personally) about this place, but after smelling the amazing aroma of sizzling burgers and seeing all the newspaper clippings of great reviews of The Burger Shack, I was kind of getting excited! The first bite was heaven... it reminded me of BBQs I would go to in the park with my family. These burgers are DELICIOUS and you must go out and try them! The only downfall I could think of is that it was a little too homely for me. Nevertheless, very good food! 4 STILETTOS!