One Tuesday evening, after a long 6 hours straight of French class after French class, I decided that the best way to reward myself was with a delicious juicy burger. I used to pass Jetsuns Juicyburger almost every day, but never thought much of it, until I googled it and read some reviews. A lot of people raved about how home style these burgers are, and being a fan of home style burgers, I just had to try them!

F21 mesh dress, Talula skirt, bustier tank & shiny puffer coat, Club Monaco snake ring

A lot of people don't realize how cold it gets during the winter

I ordered a JUICYBURGER, with just the classics, of course, a side of onion rings (my favourite!) and a root beer, mmmm...

I was going for a fierce gothic look, haha

Every time I come around yo city bling bling!

Now, let me tell you... Jetsuns has amazing burgers! They really are juicy, so it lives up to their name. THE ONLY THING, but the most IMPORTANT factor that swayed my rating was customer service. I work in retail, and I must say that I work for a company that specializes in customer service, so I know what good service looks like, okay?? I would have given Jetsuns AT LEAST a 4-stiletto rating, but due to the fact that the staff was unenthusiastic and unfriendly and more interested in the songs playing on the radio than the customers in the store, I am giving them 3 stilettos... sorry! You snooze you lose bitche$ :)