Immediately following my birthday festivities, I departed on a road trip with a couple of my closest friends to New York! On our way to Queens, we passed by a White Castle. After 10 hours on the road, we were starrrrrving! And what better way to feed our cravings than with a White Castle burger?? OMG please excuse the poor Photoshop skills... I wanted to be COMFY during the 10 hour ride.

Louis Vuitton FW09 head to toe... just kidding. TNA V-neck, Nudie Super Slim Kims

I dream I can sit back and lamp like Capone, with drug scripts sewn
Or the legal luxury life, rings flooded with stones

A tiny piece of heaven...

hahahaha my friends still joke about the second time we hit White Castle in NJ, on our way home. I had too much fast food during the weekend that I threw up! No, no... not because the food was horrible, but because my stomach simply couldn't handle anymore! It's true though, White Castle is really what you crave. It really hits the spot. For this, I give it 4.5 stilettos!

NOW, for your entertainment, here are a couple more photos from my trip!

Megan & I

(Louise) Talula bustier tank, H&M gold skirt & lace-up boots, F21 zip-up jacket, LV Ellipse

Walking 30 blocks towards Times Square

FINALLY made it! How beautiful...

The boys on the NYC subway

Central Park